Elite Resolution Body Shape Up System

Elite Resolution Body Shape Up System

Ultrasound, Infrared, Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Electrolipolysis – Shape up your patient’s body with the most powerful synergies


Elite Resolution Body Shape Up System

Body Shape Up System Overview

Body Shape Up System is an aesthetic device with the ability to select 6 different types of electric waves. Furthermore the electric waves can be combined together, allowing to choose amongst 43 different face and body programs. In particular, the equipment uses ultrasound, electrolipolytical current and infrared rays synergically. As a result Body Shape Up system can effectively treat deeper localised adipose cells, cellulite lipo-dystrophy, water retention and at the same time relax the skin.

Body Shape Up System enables the operator to simultaneously or individually treat different beauty problems on the same client. Moreover, the equipment helps the operator in placing the electrodes on the client by showing the exact positions on display. In conclusion, Elite Resolution Body Shape Up System is very effective in body draining and firming treatments. Therefore creates a visible reduction in adipose tissue and cellulite, with an excellent toning action on muscles and skin.

Body Shape Up System Advantages

  • Multi-application platform specifically designed for Fat Reduction, Cellulite and Muscle Stimulation
  • No ongoing consumable costs that undoubtedly cut into your profits
  • Video Training included directly in the system
Shape Up System Frontal View

Body Shape Up System

Ultrasound, Infrared, Electrical Muscle Stimulation / Electrolipolysis

The association ultrasound, electrolipolysis and infrared is without doubt one of the best and most powerful synergies to counteract localised fat and cellulite*. In short, ultrasound acts well on fat cells, but even better on the fibrous component of cellulite. On the other hand Electrolipolysis acts on adiposity but mainly on the liquid component and on the micro-circulation. Consequently, working together they act on all components of cellulite* with a great synergy between them.

Furthermore, the advantages of the association between ultrasound – infrared and electrical muscle stimulation, are in the fact that ultrasound waves have a lipolytic activity (it would be more accurate to say lipo-phoretic). In other words, it mobilises fats from the adipose cells, and pours them into the blood.
On the positive side, muscle contraction treatments (especially if the red muscle fibers are stimulated) consume fats in order to generate energy for the contraction. In more details, it consumes the circulating fats that could otherwise deposit again.

Synergic Plates
Shape Up System - Ultrasound 2Mhz Concept

Ultrasound 2MHz

Adiposity Treatment

2MHz Ultrasound waves are used in Body Shape Up System to specifically counteract the fibro-sclerotic component of cellulite*. They create an increase in temperature, thereby they increase the speed of the adipose metabolic reactions (thus increasing the lipolysis process) and change the local pH and permeability of the cell membranes. All thanks to the high acceleration forces to which the tissue particles are subject, when the ultrasonic wave interacts with them.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Firming and Toning Treatment

The equipment basically produces a muscle stimulation by varying frequencies and wave forms that target different types of muscle fibres.
In other words, the Electrical Muscle Stimulation selectively acts on different muscle groups facilitating the modelling of the desired treated areas. Additionally combining this treatment (that generates muscle contraction) with the Ultrasound treatment allows for the consumption of fats, that are made available by the ultrasound breakdown of fat cells. Thus favouring less stagnation at the end of the treatment.
The electrical muscle stimulation treatment is surely the perfect solution for all those people who need a slight increase in muscle mass and toning.

Shape Up System - Electro Sculpting Concept
Shape Up System - Electrolipolysis Concept


Cellulite and Adiposity treatment

Electrolipolysis explicitly favours an increase in cellular activity, quickens the blood circulation, promotes cellular exchanges and leads to the combustion of local fats.
Moreover, these actions together are able to reactivate all the areas of the body where fats accumulate (hips, abdomen, knees, thighs). Above all, electrolipolysis becomes indispensable when revitalising the cellulite areas where the blood is not circulating properly.


Slimming Treatment

One of the best heat transmission methods included in the Body Shape Up System is undeniably the infrared radiation. As a matter of fact the treatment pleasantly warms the area, penetrating into the adipose tissue, stimulating the metabolism and allowing the release of toxins and fatty acids. In fact, thanks to a special selective wavelength, the photo-biological radiation emits heat only when it reaches the adipose layers. This increases the temperature and consequently the enzymatic activity, which stimulates local lipolysis, separating the deposits of triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. These are then released into the blood circulation to be metabolised and consumed as energetic source for muscular contraction.

Shape Up System - Infrared Concept
Shape Up System - Electrolipolysis Concept

Ultrasound 800 kHz

Adiposity treatment

The 800 kHz ultrasound handpiece is used in Body Shape Up System to specifically treat small localised adiposities or to make a more intense treatment only on the most adipose areas.
The ultrasound 800 kHz promotes a greater permeability of the fat cells whose contents (fatty acids), once “broken down”, will then be conveyed into the circulatory system and disposed of through the local lymphatic system and the urinary tract.

Device Configurations
Elite Resolution Body Shape Up Configurations

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