Elite Resolution IPL

Elite Resolution IPL

The Safe and Versatile Intense Pulsed Light Device For Hair Reduction

Elite Resolution IPL Indications

Elite Resolution IPL side view

Elite Resolution IPL Overview

Elite Resolution IPL is certainly one of the perfect solutions for hair reduction. Because it is suitable for all skin types and for every part of the body. It indeed works even in the most difficult and delicate areas, like face, underarms and groin.

The device uses specifically the principle of selective photothermolysis. In other words, it generates a series of light flashes that inhibit the hair development cells. Consequently reduces the hair growth.

IPL Advantages

  • Quick and Easy Treatments thanks to the Guided Program
  • Integrated Air Cooling System
  • Customisable Treatment Parameters
  • 5 Different Filters and 3 Size Windows for Fair Hairs and Tanned Skin
Elite Resolution IPL

How Does Intense Pulsed Light Work

The device emits intense pulsed light through a special handpiece, which has many size reductions to provide easier treatments on different areas of the body.

The device is provided with two filters: firstly a red filter for dark or tanned skin and secondly an orange filter for lighter skin. Furthermore, the integrated cooling air system prevents redness caused by the heat generated.

Elite Resolution IPL is also provided with an advanced software making the system very versatile and intuitive. Moreover it allows you to perform treatments choosing between a guided program, or by setting the parameters independently. In both cases, if necessary, the technology allows you to change parameters in real time during the treatment.
The touch screen, the graphics, the media content, and the controls positions further enhance the ease of use.

How IPL Works on Hair Reduction
IPL and Hair Reduction Treatment Consultation

What to do Before an IPL Treatment

Before you start an intense pulsed light treatment, it is essential you organise it according to the needs and health status of your client. More specifically you need to ensure that the subject:

  • has not taken photosensitive drugs in recent weeks
  • does not have skin rashes, open wounds, tattoos or excessive quantity of moles in the areas to treat
  • does not suffer from hormonal imbalances
  • is not pregnant or
  • have diseases for which the pulsed light may be contraindicated.

With Elite Resolution IPL you can accurately customise each session, because the equipment allows you to set all the parameters needed: identify the skin type, the size and colour of the hair and define the power and temperature to use, even by choosing the filter (orange for light skin and red for dark skin) and the size reduction to use on the hand piece.
The device is equipped with an air cooling system which prevents redness caused by the emitted heat. All these precautions help you work even on delicate areas such as face, armpits and groin.

  • Shave the customer’s hair very delicately
  • Cleanse the area with a Cleansing Product
  • Wear and make your customers wear Protective IPL Glasses

How to Perform an IPL Treatment

Starting from one side, proceed slowly, firing the Pulsed Light on subsequent hand piece size areas making sure you leave no gap between the previous pulse and the next one. The hand piece allows you to treat even large parts of the body.
The pulses of light generated according to the principle of selective photothermolysis, inhibit cells responsible for the development of the hair, reducing hair growth.
The light energy captured by the hair, and absorbed in different ways in different areas depending on the concentration of melanin, is transformed into thermal energy (heat) that causes the destruction of the hair bulb.

How to perform an IPL Treatment

What to do After IPL Treatment

At the end of the treatment the area may be slightly red, so it is useful to apply a moisturising cream in order to soothe, refresh and moisturise the area.
The hairs treated are those in the growth phase (anagen), therefore the subsequent sessions needs to be made not less than one month apart from the previous, depending on the regrowth. The number of sessions in order to obtain a progressively definitive hair removal can vary from client to client. All data is recorded on the memory card, a customer card that reminds the beautician about the treatments to be carried out.

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