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Face Lab – The Anti-Ageing Laboratory

Face Lab Overview

Overline élite Resolution Face Lab, helps beauticians significantly reduce and prevent facial imperfections.  The preventive analysis of the hydration level and quality of the skin provided by the equipment, respectively through the Hydration Control and the special Macrocam x200, are used to define the best treatment programme  to solve or improve  imperfections.

The gentle and complete exfoliating action of Diamond Microdermabrasion technology, performed with the innovative diamond heads, improves skin turn-over, blood circulation and the natural production of collagen,  while the treatments with Multipolar RF, Fractional RF  and 3 MHz Ultrasound provide an effective anti-aging  action, promote hydration, boost skin elasticity and  regenerate it to provide a lifting effect and a young and radiant looking skin.

With Face Lab The Imperfection Determines The Treatment

The 10-inch touch-screen monitor will become an essential tool for any operator. Through the macrocam and the moisture control accessories it is possible to carry out a 360° patient consultation. Once the operator has determined which patients imperfections need to be addressed and has analysed the severity of the imperfections, he/she can enter these details in the Face Lab Device which will then  create a customised treatment program for the patient that can consist in many sessions and technologies. The device also includes tutorial videos for each technology and session that needs to be performed, explaining how to perform the treatment. No more hours spent training new staff, Face Lab does it for you.

Face Lab Intuitive Software
Beautiful Girl

Face Lab Advantages

  • Easy To Use
  • Software Guided Treatments
  • Training Videos Embedded in the software
  • Multiple technologies from RF to Microdermabrasion to LED Light Therapy all in one device
  • Improves Tonicity and Elasticity of the Skin
  • Stimulates Collagen Production
  • Shows Visible Results in Less Time
  • No Recovery Time
  • Painless

Moisture Control

Check your patient’s blemishes

Face Lab Moisture Control basically detects the percentage of hydration on the face through a slow current flow. Thus making an anamnesis before the treatment. This allows you to explicitly determine the best treatment for your client.

Moisture Control
Face Lab Macrocam

Macrocam x200

Check your patient’s skin rugosity

Using the macrocamera x200, which also enables the saving of before and after images, it is possible to  examine the quality of the skin in the areas of the face to be treated to establish the correct course of treatment. It is also used at the end of the treatment to check the skin improvements.

LED Light Therapy For Face

Balancing Action

The LED light Therapy Face treatment generally uses different colours customizable according to individual preferences. Thus obtaining more relaxing and beneficial effects in the final phases of the Led Light Therapy treatment. This can be associated with special chrome masks. Allowing you to intensify results giving indeed an illuminating final effect to the face.

Light Mask
Face Lab Microdermabration


Exfoliating Action

The Overline Face Lab Microdermabrasion uses innovative diamond tips with different grain sizes, useful especially in redefining the skin surface. It is basically a mechanical peeling of the damaged superficial layers, without compromising the skin structure. Microdermabrasion firstly allows the removal of dead skin cells; secondly favours the improvement of blood circulation; and thirdly the natural production of Collagen. It encourages the cell renewal and it is important because prepares the skin to receive benefits of the oxygen treatment. With Overline Face Multifunction you Microdermabrasion facials will never be better.

Ultrasound 3MHz

Skin Tightening with Improved Hydration

Face Lab Ultrasound 3 MHz improves skin microcirculation and therefore tissue oxygenation, with increased hydration, due to osmotic phenomena activated by the compression and decompression of interstitial fluids. Stimulates collagen production thanks to its thermal effect.

Face Lab Ultrasound 3MHz
Face Lab Multipolar RF

Multipolar Radio Frequency

Anti-Age Action

Perfect for skin rejuvenation, Face Lab Multipolar RF increases the temperature of the subcutaneous tissue,  causing a denaturation of Collagen Proteins, which become narrower but thicker (performing a lifting effect), leading to an increased consistency of the dermis. The thermal injury caused by the Radio Frequency also activates the fibroblasts with a consequent (over time) increase in Collagen and  Elastin, and then also an increase in the dermal density, generating a greater tissue elasticity.

Fractional Radio Frequency

Deep Action

Face Lab Fractional Radio Frequency produces an homogeneous and controlled increase of temperature in the dermis layer of the skin, determining a thermal effect on collagen fibers and a rearrangement of the deep and superficial fibers, physiologically reorganising the cutaneous tension lines. These actions translate in collagen neo-synthesis with a progressive thermal density. The Fractional Radio Frequency is a system able to combine the resistive thermo-stimulation for dermal plastic remodelling to the correction of texture irregularities, determining all-round cutaneous rejuvenation.

Face Lab Fractional Handpiece

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