Face Multifunction

Face Multifunction

Versatile Multifunction System specifically designed to fight Neck and Face Imperfections using multiple technologies. LED Light Therapy, Microdermabration, Steam Cleanser, Face Lymphatic Drainage, Bipolar and Multipolar RF and more…

Face Multifunction Overview

Elite Resolution Face Multifunction explicitly takes care of face, neck and décolleté blemishes. Furthermore it’s a modular device combining the most advanced technologies for the most common beauty treatment categories. Such as LED Light Therapy, Microdermabration, Face Lymphatic Drainage, Steam Cleansing, Bipolar and Multipolar RF,  and Skin Rejuvenation. Face Multifunction particularly offers two distinct working methods to solve any kind of imperfection:

  • Guided treatment: once the beautician identifies the imperfection, the device accompanies her through all stages; firstly from the starting analysis, indicating the most suitable technology, through every step of the treatment.
  • Manual treatment: in this case the beautician selects the type of imperfection and chooses personally the treatment. In case its needed, she can always count on the device, that displays the characteristics of each imperfection and advises the solutions.

Face Multifunction Advantages

  • Easy To Use
  • Software Guided Treatments
  • Multiple technologies from RF to Microdermabration to LED Light Therapy all in one device
  • Improves Tonicity and Elasticity of the Skin
  • Stimulates Collagen Production
  • Shows Visible Results in Less Time
  • No Recovery Time
  • Painless
Face Multifunction Devices
Face LED Light Therapy
LED Light Therapy Stand

LED Light Therapy For Face

Balancing Action

The LED light Therapy Face treatment generally uses different colours customizable according to individual preferences. Thus obtaining more relaxing and beneficial effects in the final phases of the Led Light Therapy treatment. This can be associated with specifically designed iSol chrome masks. Allowing you to intensify results giving indeed an illuminating final effect to the face.

Moisture Control


Face Multifunction Moisture Control basically detects the percentage of hydration on the face through a slow current flow. Thus making an anamnesis before the treatment. This allows you to explicitly determine the best treatment for your client.

Scrub Brushes

Skin Cleansing

One of the most important cleansing treatment is the “Brush”, a gentle mechanical action performed by different types of brushes. Facial brushes produce fresh, young skin in the most affordable and natural way.

Ultrasound 25KHz

Skin Cleansing

Face Multifunction Ultrasound 25 KHz differently from Microdermabration provides a deep cleansing action and at the same time the penetration of active ingredients in the skin. It overall combines the effect of ultrasonic vibration applied by the spatula to a mechanical exfoliation and facial treatment. The different frequencies used altogether allow to perform a regenerating, toning and firming action. Very good results are seen on all skin types because of 14 specific programs.

Galvanic Current

Skin Cleansing

The Face Multifunction Galvanic Current is used to obtain a skin descaling action and also a Iontophoresis action. The Galvanic descaling action is basically a process that softens and emulsifies sebum and keratine in the follicles. It works by firstly applying an alkaline solution to the skin and secondly by inducing a continuous negatively charged Galvanic current to the solution. It can also be integrated with the optional Steam cleanser to further facilitate the manual extraction of comedones.

The Galvanic Iontophoresis action is ideal to treat especially aging skin and hyperpigmentation. It works by firstly applying a positively charged serum to the skin and secondly by inducing a positive Galvanic Current to the serum. It conveys age fighting and pigment controlling ingredients further deep into the skin. Also very useful in contrasting sensitivity and redness thanks to its calming and vasoconstrictive effect.


Exfoliating Action

The Overline Face Multifunction Microdermabrasion uses innovative diamond tips with different grain sizes, useful especially in redefining the skin surface. It is basically a mechanical peeling of the damaged superficial layers, without compromising the skin structure. Microdermabration firstly allows the removal of dead skin cells; secondly favours the improvement of blood circulation; and thirdly the natural production of Collagen. It encourages the cell renewal and it is important because prepares the skin to receive benefits of the oxygen treatment. With Overline Face Multifunction you Microdermabration facials will never be better.

Steam Cleanser

Skin Cleansing

Face Multifunction Steam Cleanser is designed to combine steam not only with ozone, but also with aromatic herbs and essential oils. Ozone is well-known firstly for its anti-bacterial effect and secondly for its influence on skin acidity. The essential oils used with the steam cleanser gradually release their active ingredients into the steam flow thanks to a special outlet nozzle. Above all, being able to distribute microscopic particles of the chosen oils over the skin, enables to maximise their beneficial properties.

Bipolar Radio Frequency

Regenerating Action

Face Multifunction’s Radio Frequency is effective to counteract sagging skin, wrinkles and signs of age, through Diathermy. This firstly increases the oxygen carried to the tissues. Secondly it speeds up the cell metabolism and the elimination of catabolic wastes. Thirdly it stimulates the production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid, for a natural and progressive lifting effect.

Multipolar RF with Chrome Therapy Handpiece

Multipolar Radio Frequency

Anti Age Action

Face Multifunction Multipolar RF is used particularly for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. Since it increases the subcutaneous temperature, it causes a denaturation of Collagen proteins. These shrink and thicken (inducing a lifting effect), leading to an increase of the dermal density. The thermal injury caused by the Radio Frequency also activates fibroblasts and across time, consequently increases Collagen and Elastin. This leads to an overall increase in dermal density, generating a greater tissue distension.


Intensifying Action

Electroporation is a transdermal conveyance technique that acts directly on cellular mechanisms. Special dynamic currents, waveforms and frequencies generate electrical impulses and vibrations, that open “channels” in the dermis. These channels allow to convey different kind of substances, chosen accordingly to the problem to solve, in the dermis layers of the skin. This technique, absolutely painless and non-invasive, conveys also substances with a considerable molecular weight in the deep dermis. Face Multifunction uses the effect of electric fields on both skin pores and on composed molecules. Firstly the pores are dilated allowing a greater permeability. Secondly the composed molecules are transported in the deep subcutaneous layers of the skin carrying out a more direct and efficient action.

Electroporation Handpiece


Skin Rejuvenation

Face Multifunction Lifting treatment uses a particularly low frequency and intensity current that stimulates physiological nerve impulses. These improve skin microcirculation, nutrition and oxygenation of the tissues. It is important to realize that the Lifting treatment does not produce muscle contraction. It revitalises the skin, stimulates fibroblasts, respectively increases and improves both the quantity and quality of collagen. The treatment is divided into four phases, each using a different type of current.


Skin Rejuvenation

Stimol Treatment provided with Face Multifunction is a bipolar electrostimulation which gently and selectively tones atonic muscles.

High Frequency

Skin Cleansing

Face Multifunction High Frequency facial treatment uses Tesla current (alternating current) to achieve particularly revitalizing and skin oxygenating actions. At the same time has a local antiseptic effect. The blue light generated by the Tesla current has a high penetration power that specifically generates heat inside the treated tissue. The blue light additionally has a germicidal action.

Face Lymphatic Drainage

Wellness Program

The Face Lymphatic Drainage treatment is pleasant and effective as much as a manual face massage. Contrarily to a manual face massage allows for a more uniform treatment and is less tiring for the beautician. It uses a new patented vacuum-massage technology, consisting in a gentle suction and release action preventing damage to the dermis and capillaries.


Elite Configurations
Elite Resolution Face Multifunction Configurations
Xilia Configurations
Xilia Face Multifunction Configurations

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