Elite Resolution Laser Epilation 808 nm

Elite Resolution Laser Epilation 808 nm

Innovative Laser Epilation Technology for Progressive Hair Removal


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The removal of unwanted hair through laser epilation is a beauty ritual, in the same way as wearing make-up and keeping fit. What prompts a woman to have this treatment, is not only the dress or swimsuit rehearsal, but also the desire to feel always beautiful. Also men have begun to consider laser hair removal especially if they play sports.

Laser Epilation 808 nm from Overline is very effective for the treatment of unwanted hair, particularly because it is able to slow its growth until the gradual disappearance. Additionally, it’s a safe, quick and painless technique, that can be done on all parts of the face and body.

Laser Epilation Advantages

  • Software and Touch Screen Display specifically engineered with ease in mind
  • Effectiveness Guaranteed in Less Sessions compared to other methods
  • Significantly Fast Execution from 1 to 12 shots per second
  • Patient’s Safety Guaranteed by the Integrated Cooling System
  • Reduced Costs as the system can fire up to 10,000,000 shots
  • Treatment Protocols included for all skin types
  • Customised Training for your clinic
Elite Resolution Laser Epilation 808 nm for Hair Removal

How Does Laser Epilation Work

Diode laser technology for hair removal is specifically based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser penetrates through the skin surface in order to reach the root of the hair follicle. The Elite Resolution Laser Epilation system, in particular, uses the 808 nm wavelength. This is particularly effective on the melanocytes of the hair follicles. Basically, the coherent laser light is able to be very precise on the target, without damaging the surrounding tissue.
To put it differently, the hair shaft and follicle (the targets) absorb the laser wavelength of the Laser Epilation 808 nm using hair’s melanin as a conductor. The wavelength is then converted into heat, increasing the temperature of the follicles themselves.

Laser Hair Removal action on Hair Follicle during
Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness

Laser Epilation Results

It is important to realize that the result of laser epilation depends on the phototype, size and pigmentation of the hair, and on its stage of growth in the treated area. But we can consider results satisfactory if after six / eight sessions, there is around 80% reduction of unwanted hair. Afterwards, it may be necessary to do some occasional retouching, but this depends on the physiological response of each subject. In general, the hairs that do not respond completely to the treatment, become thin hairs, visible only through light. At the same time, the skin treated by laser epilation becomes soft and shiny.

Laser Hair Removal Areas
Device Configurations
Elite Resolution Laser Epilation 808 nm Configuration

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